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Seasonal Specials

Keep on the lookout, we are always thinking of ways to add a unique flair to any holiday!  

Flavors and Toppings

We provide organic sugar options along with plant based dyes

  • organic strawberry, orange, lime and vanilla

  • natural lychee, black raspberry, melon, orange-pineapple, peach, and mango.

  • classic grape, blue raspberry, rootbeer, pink vanilla and marshmallow

  • (flavors subject to change)

Party Puffs

We will partner with you to create the perfect additions for your occasion.  Had mixed small batches.  Lets customize!  


Mobile Party Carts

Rent us by the hour

One hour of cotton candy

  • unlimited cones

  • 4 flavor options

  • 2 topping options

Two hours of cotton candy

  • unlimited cones 

  • 5 flavor options

  • 3 topping options

Keep in mind: The machine produces 40-50 cones per hour​



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